Jetski Licence Training

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Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with an NSW Jet Ski Licence

Are you ready for some high-speed water fun? With a Jet Ski (PWC) licence from Get My Boat Licence, you can hit the waves in no time! Here’s everything you need to know:

Why Get a Jet Ski (PWC) Licence in NSW?

What's Required to Get a Jet Ski (PWC) Licence?

You need to earn a general Boat Licence in accordance with Transport for NSW Maritime guidelines

You can take a course from Get My Boat Licence, which only takes about an hour

Once you have your general Boat Licence, you can take a one-day Jet Ski (PWC) training course with Get My Boat Licence

What's Involved in the Jet Ski (PWC) Training Course?

The course includes a written assessment with 15 multiple-choice questions

You need to get at least 12 correct answers to pass the exam

If you need additional training, attend a free training session

How Do You Apply for a Jet Ski (PWC) Licence?


Once you pass the Jet Ski (PWC) course and exam, you need to complete a licence application form that we supply to you


Present the licence form and fee to a Government Service Centre in NSW


There’s no need for additional testing – you’re now qualified for a Jet Ski (PWC) Licence

How Much Does the Course Cost?

Course Price
General Boat Seminar, Practical plus PWC $405 for adults
$385 for young adults
General Boat Seminar with PWC Upgrade with No Practical $260
PWC Upgrade Only (if you already hold a NSW Boat Licence) $140

$20 discount on all courses for persons under 16 years of age