Boat Licence Training

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Seas the Day: Master Boating Basics and Get Your NSW Boat Licence

Are you eager to set sail on the sparkling waters of New South Wales with finesse and flair? 

Whether you’re an old salt or a fresh fish in the boating world, Get My Boat Licence is dedicated to equipping you with practical and comprehensive training in boat licensing. Our courses are thoughtfully designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to navigate the open sea, all while ensuring your experience with us is enjoyable, informative, and hassle-free. 

With Get My Boat Licence, you can become a certified captain with ease and without the fuss.

Practical Training and Course Details

Practical Training Requirement Options

To complete the logbook, there are two options available

Option 1

Do 3 trips with a friend who has held their General Boat Licence for at least 3 years and complete the activities listed. The logbook is activity-based (not based on hours).

Option 2

Do 1 trip on board our training vessel. This course lasts approximately 2 hours and will fulfill your practical training requirements to get a boat licence.

Exam Details

Our exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions with the following requirements:

Course Costs

Our course costs vary depending on the type of course you’re taking:
Course Price
General Boat Seminar and Test $165 for adults
$145 for young adults (12-15 years old)
General Boat Seminar, Test and Practical $345 for adults
$325 for young adults
General Boat Seminar, Practical plus PWC $405 for adults
$385 for young adults
General Boat Seminar with PWC Upgrade with No Practical $260
PWC Upgrade Only (if you already hold a NSW Boat Licence) $140
Practical Only $200

$20 discount on all courses for persons under 16 years of age